I also make unique gifts of Postcard Bags using a 'Greetings From..' postcard on one side of the bag.  On the reverse is a personal greeting. These make unique, one-of-a-kind gifts.
This Zealley Family Tree incorporates  family photos and the names of three generations of the Zealley Family
 The Haworth Family Website
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Family Tree Quilts

Looking for a perfect, unique gift for a family anniversary or birthday.  My Family Tree Quilts combine pieced quilting, photo's transferred onto fabric, and raw edged applique of personal details, like birth dates and anniversary dates onto the leaves.

These quilts I make using your photos emailed to me.  The choices of color, tree species and other details can be chosen by you.
If required I can incorporate any of your own fabrics into the quilt.

Contact me for more details,  janehh@att.net
The Haworth Family Tree includes two generations of family.  Showing individual photos, names, dates of birth and wedding anniversary.
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